Femdom Spitting Clips - Hot girls humiliating men with spitting

Goddess Nemesis was tired of how this old client always inconvenienced her. He was trouble and she had gotten to a point where she did not want to have to do anything with him. So she had to humiliate and torture him so she did that with her spit. That was to send a warning to him that if he did not stop inconveniencing her, he would have himself to blame.

Lady Scarlet had found out that it was this guy who had been doing some silly pranks on her. She was pissed but could not do much since she did not know who was doing them to her. But when she found out it was him, she made him regret what he had done by forcing him to lick her spit and trampling him as well as having him eat food from the floor.

Goddess Lena did not want a gullible slave in her house. That is why she chose to try something she had not done before which was to dominate him using her spit and her cigarette. After she had slapped him, the mistress spat on him and she also made him her living ashtray. He was tied to a chair so that he could not resist what she did to him.

Goddess Gabriella and her friend lady Scarlet were not ok with the things that this guy had done. He had to be punished and the mistresses chose to use their spit to humiliate him. He was first of all made to lick their feet and they were smelly. Once he was done doing that, the mistresses enjoyed turning him into a spit slave. He had to lick their spit and their dirty feet before they let him go.

Mistress Roxana was not happy with her boyfriend and she wanted him to learn to do things her way. She was not happy with him and for that, she had to punish and humiliate him. The mistress chose to use her spit to do it. She spat into a glass and she forced him to drink it. He could not believe what she chose to do to him but he had no alternative other than to do it.

Goddess Nika needed to punish this slave and she decided to do it with her spit. She had planned to do it with pain but she decided against it. She felt that humiliating him was much better and if he did not stop it, she had the option of using pain. So she had him lick her spit from her smelly feet and he was humiliated and scared. It worked.

This mistress wanted to see if this guy could lick spit and she asked him to lick spit off her tits. She knew that if she did not entice him, he would not agree to do it. That is why she spat on her tits and asked him to lick it. The temptation was too much for him and he agreed to lick her spit and in so doing, lick her tits in the process.

Mistress Sofi had had sex with this guy but he was pretty useless and she did not like it. She had to make sure that he never disappointed anyone else the way he had done with her. That is why she chose to brush her teeth and spit into his mouth. He did not have a choice but to do what she wanted. It was degrading but he did not have a choice.

Mistress Ava wanted to turn off this guy and she did it with her drooling. The mistress wanted to make sure that she made him get disinterested in her and not try to sleep with her the way he wanted to. She used her saliva as she knew he did not like seeing other people's saliva. He was turned off the way the mistress wanted her to be. It worked.

Mistress Amrita needed to dominate this guy because she knew that the guy was not a responsible person and she did not condone that. That is why she chose to dominate him with her spits as well as with her slaps. She did not care about what he felt and she made sure that he learned his lesson in a way he would not forget in a hurry. He got the message.

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