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Goddess Gabriella and her friend lady Scarlet were not ok with the things that this guy had done. He had to be punished and the mistresses chose to use their spit to humiliate him. He was first of all made to lick their feet and they were smelly. Once he was done doing that, the mistresses enjoyed turning him into a spit slave. He had to lick their spit and their dirty feet before they let him go.

Mistress Roxana was not happy with her boyfriend and she wanted him to learn to do things her way. She was not happy with him and for that, she had to punish and humiliate him. The mistress chose to use her spit to do it. She spat into a glass and she forced him to drink it. He could not believe what she chose to do to him but he had no alternative other than to do it.

Goddess Nika needed to punish this slave and she decided to do it with her spit. She had planned to do it with pain but she decided against it. She felt that humiliating him was much better and if he did not stop it, she had the option of using pain. So she had him lick her spit from her smelly feet and he was humiliated and scared. It worked.

Mistress Ava wanted to turn off this guy and she did it with her drooling. The mistress wanted to make sure that she made him get disinterested in her and not try to sleep with her the way he wanted to. She used her saliva as she knew he did not like seeing other people's saliva. He was turned off the way the mistress wanted her to be. It worked.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with this loser who was not good at keeping time, she knew that she had to dominate him in a way he would not forget. She cruelly tortured him in a way he would not forget. The mistress spat on him and she had him lick it all the way she wanted. He was shocked and scared so he did what she asked.

Mistress Gabriella felt that her slave was starting to misbehave and she did not like that. She felt that he had to change and it was up to her to make him change. So she forced him to change by cruelly having him lick her spit and also lick her feet. Her feet were sweaty and so he had to lick her sweat besides her spit. It was humiliating but he deserved it.

This guy was too proud for mistress Kirstin and mistress Bridget to let him go. They had to deal with him in a way he had never been dealt with before. And that is why they had to make sure that he learned his lesson the hard way. The two of them had a great time trampling him and he was lucky they did it with their bare feet before spitting on him.

Lady Stefanie had to send a message to this guy and she did it with her spit. The mistress wanted to make sure that the guy was humiliated as well as degraded before she could let him off the hook. She had been watching him and she did not like what she had seen from him. That is why she had to send a message he would not forget. So she brushed her teeth and spat into his mouth.

This guy was too inquisitive to mistress CatDeluxe and she did not like it. She felt that he was too much and so she had to do something about it. That is why she went out of her way to deal with him and make sure that he would stop that habit. The issue was handled by forcing him to lick her feet, her ass as well as her saliva.

Mistress EvilBlackBitchSQ is not a pushover. She is the kind of person who does what she wants and gets what she wants. That is what she did today as she had this slave put in his place. She took her wine glass and she spat into it before handing it to him to drink the saliva. He could not believe it but knew she was not messing around. So he drank it.

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