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Bridgette is getting a kick (literally) out of bounding her boyfriend up and blindfolding him with his shirt off. He has no idea when his hot girlfriend is going to use her high heels to kick his balls. After a few rounds of the ball busting she decides to brush her teeth. Instead of using the sink to spit it out she makes him open his mouth and spits in his mouth.

Hot spit in mouth Kerri gets ready to spit all over her two little men she has spread out on her glass table. Her saliva squirts out on them dead on. The spit dripping off of the small toys makes her laugh. The tension from her day is being released as she continues to spit on the table and her toys.

Mistress Daidra loves humiliating her spit slaves, saying your a her own personal spittoon and humiliating them by spitting on your face and in your mouth. This spitting femdom will leave you with spit dripping off your face and when she's done she will shove the heel of her boots into your face smearing her saliva all over you regardless of you wanting it or not. This is an intense spitting video.

Mistress Kyra spits into a sink for you. She knows how lost and devote you are so she wants to test it a bit by spitting into this sink making you lap it all up. She keeps laughing as you begin to lap it all up for her - that's the proof: You are a pathetic guy who loves doing submissive things for any girl...

Lady Anja teases you by licking a lollipop in this clip. Her sexy lips are covering the sweet candy as she shoves it into her mouth and pulls it back out, over and over again. What you see is something you will never experience with her in "another" way, instead of that she shows you what you might expect and spits on the ground - that's all you deserve, now lay down and lick it all up...

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