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Lady Anja was out to spit on this guy without him taking offense. So she prefaced it with her teasing. She has a gorgeous body so he took the bait and was turned on. He thought it would progress to sex but it did not. Instead, she had him lick her saliva and he thought it would turn her on but she was just having fun at his expense as he came to realize much later.

Lady Anja was not ok with the way this slave was irresponsible. She had felt that it was time to punish him and so she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress went ahead to force him to endure being spat on. He had to lick her saliva and swallow it and by the time she was done with him, he had learned his lesson and stopped being irresponsible.

Lady Anja is a woman that enjoys training her slave. She loves taking the time to dress up and spit on her new slave. She teaches her slaves that they were born to serve her and that they have no worth without her. When she spits on them, she doesn't allow them to wipe it off until they have done something to please her. If they don't please her, they will stay covered in spit until it dries.

Lady Anja has a special gift for good paypigs - she loves to spit into their mouths! Today is your lucky day, so open wide for Lady Anja. You can see her hot body from the floor perspective and then she starts spitting right into your mouth while verbally humiliating you.

Mistress Lady Anja stands over you as she tells you that she's going to humiliate you. She wants you to lick up her saliva. So she commands you to open your mouth to receive her delicious spit. She keeps spitting into your mouth over and over again until its nicely filled up - then she wants you to swallow...

Lady Anja teases you by licking a lollipop in this clip. Her sexy lips are covering the sweet candy as she shoves it into her mouth and pulls it back out, over and over again. What you see is something you will never experience with her in "another" way, instead of that she shows you what you might expect and spits on the ground - that's all you deserve, now lay down and lick it all up...

Mistress Lady Anja stands far above you as she slowly begins to let the saliva run out her mouth. "Open up your pathetic mouth" she says as it nearly passes by - but you rescued the situation by catching it all with your mouth. You are her personal spitbowl from now on and your duty is to drink and swallow her spit to amuse her...

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