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When Miss Daisy takes her slave to the club with her, she knows that she will have too much to drink. When she does, she demands her slave pleasure her. She makes him lick and suck her now bare toes while she sits on their table. When she isn't satisfied with that, she starts to spit in his face, making him swallow the spit that lands in his open mouth.

Mercedes is walking down the street with her slave when he tries to hit on her. She gets angry and shows him who's boss. She spits on the ground and presses his slave face next to it so he can lick it up, then makes him clean her boot with his tongue. As a special gift she spits her gum on the floor and makes him eat it after she's stepped in it.

Outside in the rain, tall blonde mistress kitty wears an umbrella to protect herself from getting wet, but its only brutal slapping and spitting for her worthless slave. She hits him hard across the face to assert her control, and then forces her slave to open its mouth as she treats the slave's mouth and face like a spittoon. The pathetic slave knows it should be grateful to have its face and mouth covered with mistress kitty's precious spit.

Mistress Ceylan loves humiliating you, her new spit slave as she spits on the floor making you a spit puddle for her to give you spit licking instructions on how to clean it up even though she publicly humiliates her slave. This spitting femdom loves watching you swallow her spit while publicly humiliating her slave while laughing in her spit slaves face calling him pathetic and worthless.

Mistress Kitty made a nice walk outside in the park. After she is done, she sits on a rock and makes her slave lick her dirty muddy boots clean. She humiliates him and spits right into his face. Then she lights up a cigarette to use him as living ashtray.

Mistress Maeva decides to get out with one of her slaves to have a nice walk in the park. After a while her boots are getting dirty. She orders her slave to kneel down on front of her and makes him lick up all the dirt from her soles. After that he is rewarded with spit in his mouth! He thankfully swallows every last drop...

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