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When she decides to give her slave some attention, she knows what she is going to do. She orders him to lay on the floor between her legs. As she tells him what she is going to do, she puts her feet on him and thumps her ashes onto him. She is happy to take a swill from her glass and spit it in his face. She loves watching her spit and drink bathe his face.

When Dominatrix Luciana decides to relax for the evening, she calls her slave to her. She puts his special mouth piece on and she sits down. She sits him at her feet then she starts smoking, she blows the smoke into the pipe when she feels like it as well as dump ashes into it. When she wants the smoky taste out of her mouth, she is happy to spit into the pipe and watch him swallow.

When Jenny Nina has a cigarette, she has to have an ashtray. She calls her slave to her and lights her cigarette. She smokes silently, watching her slave to make sure his mouth stays open. She is happy to put her ashes into his mouth, watching the ash turn into a huge mess. When she is finished, she orders him to swallow it and not to brush his teeth. She wants him to remember their session until next time.

Janette has a thing for seeing someone swallow her spit. With a wine glass in hand she spits her saliva in the glass and then watch as she pours the hot liquid in your mouth. You are going to drink it to or you are going to feel the wrath of mistress Janette! No telling what else she would do to you, some face spitting perhaps? Using your face as a human ashtray? Who knows.

Mistress Sara Akeera is in the need for a human ashtray and wants you. This smoking mistress wants to be able to humiliate you as she spits in your face and mouth making you swallow it all. she will truly make you her spitting slave as she ashes in your mouth laughing in your face from spit humiliation and not having a care in the world for how it makes you feel.

Mistress Kitty made a nice walk outside in the park. After she is done, she sits on a rock and makes her slave lick her dirty muddy boots clean. She humiliates him and spits right into his face. Then she lights up a cigarette to use him as living ashtray.

This is my personal waste slave. He does everything what an conventional garbage can would do: swallowing what's thrown in. First you can see me using him as my very own ashtray. He is made to swallow all the ashes. After that I spit on him several times to humiliate him. In the end he is made to swallow my cigarette leftovers... What a pathetic worm.

Tina thought about a purpose for you for quite a while and finally she found out how you could serve her properly - as her human spittoon and ashtray. She forces you to take a tube into your mouth and places a funnel on the other end. Now she lights up her cigarette and starts spitting and ashing into the funnel - finally her spit and ash goes right into your mouth! Time to swallow!

Kitty sits outside on a bank and relaxes while smoking a cigarette as she calls out for her wasteboy. He is made to become her ashtray, next he must eat her cigarette and as reward he is spit in his mouth. Of course he must swallow it all very thankfully - those are the duties of a wasteboy...

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