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Two naughty girls have cornered their roommates brother in their apartment. Both femdoms have ganged up on him and starts spitting in his face. Some of the spit drips in his mouth but they continue doing the torturous humiliation just because it makes them feel powerful.

Bored out of her mind with this shopping Katja drags her man into the bathroom and makes him lie on the cold floor while she is spitting into his mouth. He swallows her spit and begs for her to keep spitting on his face. This hot mistress is into femdom in public places and glad she has a bound slave to do that to.

Mistress Katja loves torturing her spit slave as she makes him stand against the wall and draws a target on his face and begins to spit on his face. She loves using him as her human spittoon. This spitting mistress leaves a spit puddle on his face humiliating him as she continues playing her sick game humiliating him with the spit dripping off his face. Watch the spitting mistress enjoys her new game.

Mistress Katja shows you what she thinks about little perverted foot freaks and money slaves like you! She spits right into your face all the time and after she is done she makes you kneel on the dirty ground and lick up all this nasty spit. She wants you to thank her for abusing and tormenting you like the pussy bitch you actually are...

That's all losers like you are able to and allowed to. While you are lying on the ground carrying my weight on your chest you will be humiliated like all those other losers who found themselves in my slave stable afterwards! You will find yourself there too after I'm done with you. Now drink my spit and shut up...

Mistress Katja has her new floorboy laying on the ground under her couch. He is fixed, his hands are bound together and he isn't able to escape her. She makes him lick her shoes and soles while she sits on the sofa. Later she takes her shoes off to make him lick her sexy bare feet while she spits on her shoe soles. Of course he has to lick those soles clean...

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