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Jamie-Kate is a young redhead who is cute as a button and slaves will do anything just to get close to her. This slave doesn't care how humiliating it is. He lies down on the floor at her feet while she chew bubble gum and gets her mouth full of saliva. She spits a big wad of saliva in his face then pulls her shoe off so he can lick her bare feet.

Everything works better with the right lubricant, and in this case it's spit. Miss Sabrina is teaching her foot slave boy to give her very good massages. Normally she does this with nylon clad feet, but this time he gets to touch her skin. But quickly she finds out the best massages are when she's spitting on his face and making him open his mouth so she can spit in it.

Mistress Katja has her new floorboy laying on the ground under her couch. He is fixed, his hands are bound together and he isn't able to escape her. She makes him lick her shoes and soles while she sits on the sofa. Later she takes her shoes off to make him lick her sexy bare feet while she spits on her shoe soles. Of course he has to lick those soles clean...

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