Archive 10/2010 | Femdom Spitting Clips

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Britney is such a cruel little bitch. She has a special obsession for the humiliation of submissive guys like you. She loves making you do the most disgusting and humiliating things. This time she first makes you smell her sneakers from inside which she has worn a whole day. Mhhh... After that she takes off her socks and makes you smell them too. Then she begins to spit right into your face, over and over again.

Goddess Tierra wants to spit into your mouth and into your face loser - so open wide! She's standing right above you when she starts spitting and you can see her hot spit running down her hot lips before you can taste and feel it.

BBW mistress Cathy loves to humiliate her pathetic slaves. Today she pins this slave down with her powerful legs and starts to spit all over his ugly face and right into his mouth. He should thank his big mistress for the honor of being allowed to swallow her saliva.

Lady Anja has a special gift for good paypigs - she loves to spit into their mouths! Today is your lucky day, so open wide for Lady Anja. You can see her hot body from the floor perspective and then she starts spitting right into your mouth while verbally humiliating you.

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