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Goddess Nika needed to punish this slave and she decided to do it with her spit. She had planned to do it with pain but she decided against it. She felt that humiliating him was much better and if he did not stop it, she had the option of using pain. So she had him lick her spit from her smelly feet and he was humiliated and scared. It worked.

Goddess Nika does not like letting people mess with her. When this loser did it, he did not know the kind of shit he had gotten himself into as she used her spit to dominate and punish him. He was shocked but he did not need to be because she was not going to let him get away with it had he known her better. He never repeated his mistake.

Goddess Nika knew that this guy wanted to have sex with her but she did not want to do that with him. She chose to disgust him and turn him off so she waited till she got a clear signal from him that he wanted to have sex. He tried to kiss her but instead, she pulled away and she let her spit drool. She told him to lick it as it was akin to kissing her. The guy got disgusted and went away.

Goddess Nika felt nauseous. She was not feeling well but she still wanted to punish her slave. She chose to kill two birds with a single stone. She puked in a bowl and she called her slave and instead of telling him to pour it out, she asked him to drink it. She actually forced him to do it when she noticed he was not going to do what she told him.

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