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These mistresses are amateurs. They wanted to try foot fetish so they got a slave and used him for their adventure. They did not care how he felt. All that mattered is what they did to him, and they tried everything they could think of. They trampled him using their bare feet which were smelly and sweaty and even inserted the same sweaty and smelly feet into his mouth. It was awesome for them.

Mercedes is a very demanding mistress, so when she tells her slave to clean the bottom of her shoes, she does truly mean that. Her slave will be on the ground, and the lovely mistress Mercedes will have her dirty sole right in his mouth. Her shoes are very dirty, but she doesn't care who cleans them as long as the shoes are licked clean. She always gets her way.

This hot brat sits back while she makes her foot slave lick all over her boots. After she is bored of him being her boot slave, she makes him lick all over her sock covered feet. She just loves knowing that her feet are really dirty and smelly and he has to smell and taste them while he is sucking on them. If that was not humiliating enough she spits right in his face.

This on the ground kneeling worm is Mistress Kitty's personal foot- and shoe cleaning slave. After she returns from her daily walks in the forest the first thing she does is having a nice place on a chair while her slave is commanded to kneel on the ground in front of her. Next she lifts her shoes and makes him lick her soles clean. She pushes the tips of her shoes violently into his mouth and makes him lick them. After he is done she spits on her shoe soles to humiliate him by telling him to lick it all up...

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