Archive 2/2010 | Femdom Spitting Clips

All articles in archive 2/2010

Mistress Kitty has her very own ritual to mark her new slaves as her very own property. She takes him out into the forest, makes him kneel right in front of her while she spits on the sole of her mules. After that she forces her servant to lick up all the dirty mess. She also spits into his face and makes him lap up every drop which doesn't hit his mouth...

The girlfriends Jazee and Jenny receive daily applications from new slaves as email. This time they both invited one of them to give him the chance to prove himself. They bound his hands on his back and made him lick their shoes. After that they spit in his face and also right into his mouth and make him lick it all up...

Mistress Jas wants to humiliate her slave boy with some serious spitting today. She makes nasty noises while collecting spit in her mouth before spitting it all over her slave's face. She even forces him to open his mouth so she can spit right into it! He's just a human sink for his goddess!

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