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Madam Jas is a 22 y.o. brat from LA and loves to humiliate male losers. Today she wants to humiliate her slave in a very extreme way - by making him eat her snot. She blows her nose and makes him lick the tissue afterwards before she picks her nose and makes him eat her booger from her finger - extremely disgusting!

Miss Shannon and Nicole have their slave kneeling in front of them to torture him and making him do very nasty disgusting things! For example they make him eat their snot and boogers. He follows every instructions like a good boy and the girls keep laughing about him all the time - how can be someone so disgusting and pathetic?

Mistress Jane is a very cruel bratty bitch! She loves to humiliate and abuse her slaves in a most sadistic way. This time she starts by making one of them kiss her socked feet. After that she spits into his mouth and at last she smears some boogers with her finger right on his tongue!!!

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