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Madame Marissa wanted her slave to experience some pain. She did not like her slave to be soft and be a sissy. She wanted him to be tough and she knew it was her duty to do it. She made sure he was a hardcore slave by humiliating him everyday using new techniques. She started by turning him into her human ashtray and tortured him a great deal before going to the next method.

This mistress was in a naughty mood. She wanted to humiliate her slave and she was looking for the best way how. She did not want to use pain or extreme humiliation. She wanted to do it without him knowing he was being humiliated. She spat into a glass of wine and she poured a drink into it. She mixed it with her spit and then offered her slave to drink and had fun as he enjoyed the drink.

Mistress Anna has a spit fetish and she likes to use it to humiliate or have fun at the expense of other people. Today she wanted to do it at the expense of this loser next door who kept bothering her. She called him to her house and she forced him to lick the spit she had on her boots. She looked threatening so he did all she asked him to.

Mistress Betty caught her slave masturbating and she made fun of him. She had him lie down on the floor and she took the bed. She spat on him and told him to use it as lube. She also spat on his face and had him lick it and swallow it. He tried to refuse but she told him she would do something worse to him so he did all she wanted.

Mistress Denise wanted to degrade her boyfriend for entertaining other girls. She was mad at him and she had to make sure he knew she was mad. She sat him down and roughed him up. She then pulled hair roughly and spat on his face. She also had a whip just in case he did not do what she wanted. Then she made him lick and swallow her saliva before she let him go with a warning.

Mistress Milana did not like how other mistresses thought that she was a weakling and could not humiliate or torture a slave. She wanted to prove them wrong. When they brought a slave for humiliation, she did not have any mercy on him. She whipped him, trampled him, ball busted him and finally, she spit on him and forced him to swallow the spit. The other mistresses were surprised and had new respect for her.

Denise was bored at home. Whenever she is alone at home and she is bored, there is no telling what she will do. She was tired of watching tv, movies and even browsing the internet. She had a naughty idea and she decided to go ahead with it. She spit on her boots and created a mess. She got an idea to make her slave lick the spit from her shoes.

Sarah put the slave on her lap before she proceeded to humiliate him. She had never let him this close to her and he was surprised. He thought it was going to be something good but she instead opened his mouth and she spit into it. She made him swallow all her saliva and she did not care how disgusting it was. She warned him against throwing up at all.

This mistress did not have anywhere to go and nothing to do. She decided to keep herself busy. She had seen a spit fetish earlier online and she decided to try it out. She spit on the floor and accumulated a huge amount of spit. She then called a loser who lived in her apartment block to come and she made him lick all of it from the damn floor.

When this guy messed with this mistress, he did not know how much he was going to regret it. She made him open his mouth and spit in his mouth

Madame Marissa forces her slave to recline in his chair. With the fruit snack she has prepared, she forces a funnel into his mouth. She chews some fruit and then forces him to swallow each mouthful of spit and fruit. She is smoking hot in her bikini while sitting on this titillates and tortures him She chews the fruits and spits repeatedly forcing her slave to endure this humiliation and not getting more then glimpses of her hot body. This happens until the fruit is gone and the slave is full.

Herrin Amy loves to disgust and humiliate with her spit. She likes to make her slave taste and drink her spit. She does not care how degrading it is for the slave to do that

Mistress Cathy spits right into her spit slaves face. The spit on the floor glistens next to him and she makes him lick that up for her. Then this sexy big breasted woman in a bra and panty set keeps face spitting on her bound slave not hearing any of his protests and begging for her to stop.

Lady Lilu makes this one her bound slave and ties him to her bead. She yells at him and uses her fingers to pull his mouth open for a little mouth spitting. He screams and yells for her to stop but she manages to open him wide and put a big spit puddle dead in his mouth. Lady Lilu orders him to swallow it and take it like a real man is supposed to!

This on the ground kneeling worm is Mistress Kitty's personal foot- and shoe cleaning slave. After she returns from her daily walks in the forest the first thing she does is having a nice place on a chair while her slave is commanded to kneel on the ground in front of her. Next she lifts her shoes and makes him lick her soles clean. She pushes the tips of her shoes violently into his mouth and makes him lick them. After he is done she spits on her shoe soles to humiliate him by telling him to lick it all up...

You are kneeling in front of Lady Melissa as she tells you that she's going to use you as personal sink and commands you to open up your mouth. Then she instantly begins to let the saliva run out her mouth directly into yours. After she repeated this process a few times she tells you that you have to swallow it all for her.

Come on you silly little fag I know that you are into submissive boy-roles. So open up that mouth of yours so I can spit right into it. I like that and you do too so why don't you agree being my personal spitbowl? If you won't open it I will force you to!

Mistress Lea makes a short walk through the forest. Her boots are getting dirty and she gets angry because her slave isn't there to clean them. But then suddenly she sees a jogger who wanted to pass by. She grabs him by his hairs and as he wanted to ask what the fuck she wants from him she makes him kneel on the ground and lick her boots clean. She tells him that he will get a wet reward...

One main reason why Alisha loves to spit on her victims is the humiliating part. She loves to "decorate" her slaves with her spit, and make them swallow it for her amusement. In this clip she spits on a slaves face, laughs at him, taunts and humiliates him and also makes him drink it all for her amusement. As reward she tramples him with her cowboy boots...

Lady Maeva wears black trousers and black sneakers in this clip. She is outside in a rocky ambit and her shoes are really dusty. Her slave is waiting for his deserved humiliation - and Maeva starts immediately to torture him. first she makes him swallow her spit from her mouth, then she spits on her shoes and makes him lick it all up...

Gina dropped a loser over her knee and fixed him there with her scissor-legs. Now she has him right where she wants him and starts her evil and cruel little game. She forces him to open up his mouth and spits right into it. He has no chance to swallow all of her delicious saliva - she is visibly amused and laughs at this pathetic weakling...

Jazee and Jenna bound their slave up with duct tape to make it impossible for him to escape. Now they punish and humiliate him and he cannot do anything against it. They open his mouth violently and make him swallow all their spit! They keep spitting and torturing him all the time and there is no way out for him...

Mistress Kitty has her very own ritual to mark her new slaves as her very own property. She takes him out into the forest, makes him kneel right in front of her while she spits on the sole of her mules. After that she forces her servant to lick up all the dirty mess. She also spits into his face and makes him lap up every drop which doesn't hit his mouth...

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